December 2, 2011

****** ******* ! act, alia rindu at ******. erk?
*ape function kau luahkan at blog?
tah la ! huuuuu.. just now, my younger sista told she meet by chance with ******.
oh ! mule2x ase jual mahal nak tnye, but then mulot nie ttbe tnye.
#die nak g ane?
=adik jawab, nak g main bola kott.
#die pkai bju ape? pkai suar ape? (xtao ape function asked her this ques?)
=she answer pkai suar trackshoot,
hmmm. ttbe ingat time support all of them main futsal..
:) i wont forget that memories :)

*nak sangat berbaik dengan die, i mean berbaik ue
berkawan cm biase, not come back.. but i knew it ,
he doesnt want. but its okay, i accept :)
i'll see him from the other side :) with love <3

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