April 22, 2011


ERGHHHH ~  aq ngat idop aq akan bahagia bile cinte yang slame nie aq cari, b'putik dgn kembang nye...
yee..hmm.. ini , bukan masalah dgn bf aq .. tapii.... hm.. kini, prob nye dtg dari sowng laki yang aq sayang, yang aq anggap sebagai BEST FRIEND aq eventhough we know each other just a year..
but.. why after i cpl wif fareed., n ur manner have changed too much! i try to understand u but u?
never understand me.. i too much think bout u ! coz u, i always feel smething not rite in my life..
when , my bf o my fwen talk bout u in front of me , i feel so guilty on urself n myself !
i story to my mom bout u ..
why? coz u're the one who my bff .. did u think bout it? never rite? u're thoughtless!
u always run from me if i want to see u .. what happen to u , men !!
where goes ur manner that once? i really really disappointed with u ..
why u make me like this? what have i done? just tell me?
if u tell me the real thing, mb i do not feel guilty like this..
if i have make u hurt this before, i want to say sorie to u...
thanx a LOT ..

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