November 25, 2011

okay, sekarang da x bole percaya orang sebarangan..
mungkin tgk die bertudung , cara die sopan o whatever, look nice look good
bukan nak ckp ape, tapi mungkin orang yang mcm aq nie pon orang x bole percaya sgtt
smlm, ade pmpan chat i and want me give my email and password.
mle2x i ask her for what? and she told that she want change my fb , it is for girls only
and i told her that why i must believe her? die gunekan "perempuan" utk wat i percaya..
die ckp die kan perempuan xkan nak tipu.. errr!
and i believe it ! but then, my fb cannot be open ! okay, i da kne tipu by that girl !
cuak punye, and i got an idea utk gunekan fb adik i tgk fb i, what she have done..
die masokkan gmbar bertulis allah at my profile. i x kesa tapi npe mst die nk tukar password i?
and i got an idea utk bukak email yahoo i yang semamng nye bersmbong dgn link fb ite ..
msok at inbox, mang tol password ite ditukar, and i tukar alek password ue.
got it ! alhamdulillah !
but then, ttbe my friend call me with sound of gelabah ! she told me her fb cannot be open!
same like me , ohh! bad ! that girl lie my friend, with used my own fb !
menggigil beb! time that girl mntak password, die ade jugak mntak num phone, but i didn't give it,
my friend did.
that person call her , but she doesn't pick up ! and i told her dont try to pick up the phone.
or let her father or brother to pick up the phone.
that person hnye buat pada kaum wanita.. ape motif die , i dunno !
sudden, my friend forward messages that she got from that person ,
that person told that he/she is polis facebook,
but i told her dont believe it ! b'coz, die punye speaking english, x mcm orang yang mahir berbahasa.
and last night was a bad day in my life ! hooo~
my friend also cannot sleep last night..
when i open my facebook, she tried to lie my other friends,
oh god ! kelamkabut i time ue !
yg funny nye, bile i chat my girl friend, all of them dont believe thats me in chat.
they think , that person was on chat. haha..
seboleh boleh aq wat downg pecaye..
btw, pengalaman nie mang mengajar aku untuk lebih berhati hati :)

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